Technical Support Pricing
Customer Care Pricing
Fulfillment Pricing
Technical Support Pricing
Our pricing model is based solely on customer activity time.  You will be invoiced on a monthly basis for support time utilized on the phone, chat and e-mail. All invoicing includes complete call center reporting.  
  • $.85 per minute (Technical Support Representative)
  • 1 to 50,000 minutes per month at $.85 per minute

  • 50,000 to 100,000 minutes per month at $.80 per minute

  • Over 100,000 minutes per month at $.75 per minute
Minimum-Usage fee

A minimum-usage fee will be activated if a toll-free number and customer service representatives have been implemented and there is no call volume or the call volume is less then eighteen hours per month. The low-usage fee will be $950.00 per month to be paid within a 30-day period.

Contract Deposit 

A deposit equal to $2000.00 will be charged and credited to customer first and last invoices.

Length of Agreement

This agreement is for a period of ninety days from date contract is signed. Customer must give NIT at least thirty days notice before the cancellation of services provided.  Upon the contract anniversary date, the contract will be automatically renewed.